Virtual Temporary or Extended Protective Order Calendar Sessions


The Incline Justice Court Courthouse is currently open for hybrid hearings.  If you have a Temporary or Extended Protective Order Hearing scheduled, , the following applies to you.  You may currently appear in person but for health and safety purposes, and for convenience sake, you may, and are encouraged to, instead appear virtually. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Court at (775) 832-4100 or  and a member of our staff will be happy to discuss your appearance with you. 

The following applies to people appearing VIRTUALLY:


By Noon on the Thursday Preceding the Hearing Date

IMPORTANT: Each Party must contact the Court by Noon on the Thursday preceding their scheduled hearing date by sending an email to the Court at .  Included with the notice must be any and all evidence that the Parties wish the Court to consider.  All of this evidence shall be provided by each Party to the opposing Party at the same time (e.g., by noon on the Thursday preceding the Hearing Date).  Likely documents will depend on the nature of the claims and defenses.  The Court will not consider any documents not provided in this manner. In addition to the evidence, in the email you must provide the Court with the following:

            Legal Name:

            Case Number:

            Mailing Address:

            Physical Address:

            Best Phone Number:

            Best Email:

All parties must email a copy of their current driver's license or government issued picture identification along with the information above.

The Court uses ZOOM for the video hearing.  All parties should load and test the appropriate Zoom app to their device well prior to the start of the hearing.  YOUR DEVICE MUST HAVE A CAMERA AND MICROPHONE OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.  To test your device, please CLICK HERE. The link to the actual Virtual  Court hearing session is at the bottom of this page.

The Hearing

The Virtual TPO/EPO Calendar Sessions will typically open thirty (30) minutes prior to the hearing time and the Parties and Witnesses may login at that time.  The Calendar will be handled in order of the Court's receipt of all the documentation referenced above.

All Parties and Witnesses should be sure that the device they are using to access the TPO/EPO Hearing is fully charged or plugged in and that they are in an area of good reception with a quiet background.

All Parties appearing virtually will use the link below to participate in the session and are required to provide the link to any Witnesses who will be testifying on their behalf.  Observers are welcome to view the proceedings but only the Parties and Witnesses (at the time of their testimony) will be able to address the Court.  Observers are not allowed to participate and will only be able to view and hear the proceedings.

The Hearing will be recorded.

As the Parties will be visible to the Court and each other, appropriate dress is required.

The Court will swear in all Parties and talk about the session with all Parties and then take the matters one by one in the order of receipt of all the documentation referenced above.

For information on the Harassment Protective Order Proceedings, please click here.  All parties are expected to know, understand and comply with the requirements set forth.

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Thank you for participating in our program.   Please use our Survey form to provide us with any suggestions.

Hearing Links

Please click on the link below to attend the next hearing: 

By clicking on the link below, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will follow all the requirements described above and that you give your consent to participate in a recorded video hearing.  You further acknowledge and understand that, if you have not completed all of the requirements described above, you may not be able to participate in the hearing and may be deemed to have failed to appear.

Incline Justice Protective Order Calendar Link – Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m.