1. Time limits


a. Small Claims – 5 judicial days (JCRCP 98)

b. Evictions – 10 Judicial days (JCRCP 76B)

c. Justice Court and Extended Stalking and Harassment – 20 Judicial Days

(JCRCP 72B (a) and JCRCP 76B)


2. Notice of Appeal and Filing Fees


a. Appellant must complete and file a NOTICE TO APPEAL within the above time frame.

b. Filing fees in the amount of fees totaling $551.00 as follows

Justice Court Appeal Fee                              $              50.00

Audio Recording                               $              35.00

District Court Filing Fee                 $           216.00

Appeal Bond                                      $           250.00

c. All above fees are paid separately.


3. Supersedeas Bond – By filing a Supersedeas Bond an attachment of the judgment debtors’ assets will be prevented during the stay on appeal.  The Supersedeas Bond is usually posted by the Judgment Debtor for the amount of the judgment.


4. Notification of Appeal – The Appellant is required to serve a copy of the Notice of Appeal upon the Respondent. This can be done by certificate of mailing, personal service is not required.


5. Transcript of Statement of Facts –  It is the responsibility of the Appellant to present a transcript of the court proceedings to Second Judicial District Court. This Court will, upon receipt of fee, prepare an audio recording and present to the Court Reporter for Transcribing.  The Appellant will receive a separate bill for preparation of the transcripts by the Court Reporter.