Please note that courts in the State of Nevada do not send notices of appearance regarding court dates. Your court date is stated on your citation.The court requests you wait a period of two weeks from the time you have received your citation before making a payment online in order to allow internal processing on your case. If your ticket is past its court date, you are responsible for additional fees.If you fail to pay, your ticket will be treated as outstanding by the court; and you will remain responsible for those unpaid fees.The court will issue warrants, suspend driver licenses, and/or report unpaid fees to credit reporting agencies.

If you are making payment for either a traffic citation or a criminal case and a warrant for your arrest has been issued for a failure to appear, failure to pay fine, failure to complete sentencing requirements or for any other reason, your payment will be rejected during the court's normal operating hours. You must contact the court staff to resolve any outstanding warrants. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT PAYING ONLINE FOR CASES THAT HAVE ALREADY GONE TO WARRANT WILL NOT PREVENT YOU FROM BEING ARRESTED.

Further, if you make a payment online to Incline Justice for a matter filed in another court's jurisdiction, you are responsible for any pending actions arising from the court of jurisdiction for failure to pay timely.It is not the responsibility of Incline Justice Court to process payments for other agencies. Your payment will be rejected with no notice to you. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR CITATION CAREFULLY TO ENSURE YOU ARE PAYING THE CORRECT COURT.


The Court accepts personal checks, cash, money orders, cashier checks and traveler's checks. The Court does not accept third-party checks.

In addition to the payment types described above, the Court can now accept, through GovPayNet and Chase Bank, credit and debit cards as described below.

Each person making a payment in person shall receive a receipt. Mailed payments will receive a receipt only if it has been requested. If you make a payment, make sure you keep your receipt as it is proof of the payment.

Personal checks and credit and/or debit cards are accepted with proof of valid identification.

Returned checks will result in additional fees plus the possibility of a warrant being issued for the maker's arrest.


Incline Justice Court is pleased to be able to accept credit card payments through GovPayNet for all payments other than Citations. This service is offered as a convenience to the public. GovPayNet does assess a service charge of 3.5% to 7% depending on the payment type. This service charge is paid directly to GovPayNet and is not received by the Court.


Please allow up to 30 days from the violation date for the Court to receive the citation. If you have not previously entered a plea, a disposition of guilty will be recorded and the court case will be closed. A separate $5.00 convenience fee is applied to all Citation online transactions. The convenience fee is retained by the processing company – Chase Bank. If you are unable to complete an online transaction, please contact the Court for further instructions.

It is recommended that you print and/or save a copy of the receipt for your records.

If you wish to make any payment to the Court using a Credit/Debit Card, click on the appropriate link, below.