IVCB Court Survey

Incline Justice Court Performance Evaluation


In an effort to improve the quality of the service provided by Judge E. Alan Tiras and the staff of Incline Justice Court, we appreciate feedback on attorney's and party’s experience with the Judge and the Court.  A critical component of this effort is to obtain the thoughtful, considered input from individuals who have appeared before Judge Tiras and/or have interacted with Incline Justice Court staff.


If you have had the opportunity to personally observe the judge on the bench or have interacted with the Court staff, you are in a position to provide meaningful, reliable information to this evaluation by completing the attached questionnaire as completely and forthrightly as possible.


The survey should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Your responses will remain totally confidential and will not be attributed to you unless you volunteer your identity.


For each of the statements that follow, please respond with your own perspective on the topic, based solely on your personal experience.  Some of the questions will ask you to provide demographic and other background information that will help put the survey results into context.


You will also be given an opportunity to provide any comments or additional information on the judge’s  or Court staff’s performance or the evaluation materials and procedures.

We truly thank you for your participation and effort in this important endeavor.

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Incline Justice Court Survey

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